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Bold design

We started the design of the bike as a blank slate. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to design something different, something more modern and contemporary yet approachable. Don’t get us wrong, we love diamond shape bikes fully realizing it's hard to make a more efficient design.

But we wanted to twist the expected and deliver something unique. We were inspired by performance bicycles like the “Flying Scottsman” x-frame design and the Lotus bike for track racing. Our bike is different—that’s for sure — not everyone will like it, but we feel we’ve delivered something interesting and new to the "same-old" bicycle landscape.

A beautiful bike is a bike that makes you want to ride.

We want to see more people riding bikes.


Bikes connect people back to their city. Putting them in control. Bikes are fun. They open up your world and enable you to do things you maybe never thought of doing. They connect you back to your community, local shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops. They bring you closer to friends and family across the river or uptown. They make you smile, more confident and release stress. Best of all they help build a healthier environment.

About us

We are two brothers who grew up in France with American heritage. Eric is a designer with a passion for bicycles and making things. Antoine is a company builder and business evangelist who isn't afraid of cycling in the worst conditions. We always wanted to build a business together and since we are both passionate about cycling, it was a no-brainer. We love coming to work to build great bicycles and services that inspire more people to ride.

We grew up in a small town where we could do everything by bike. Once we got our first jobs in bigger cities like New York, London, Berlin, and Portland, we kept on cycling. There is nothing on the market today that answers the rigorous needs of the city with an iconic design for today. Our mission is to build beautiful bicycles that enhance your experience.

Where are we based?

We are based in Portland, Oregon — USA. We are surrounded by talented bike builders, makers of all sorts along with an intense and devoted cycling community. Not to mention incredible beer, wine and food. Come visit.

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